Hotel Amenities

When you stay at the Sands Motel you’re sure to love our FULL COMPLIMENT of AMENITIES to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. From our heated indoor pool and spa to our high speed in-room internet service, we have everything to make the Sands Motel A HOME AWAY FROM HOME.

  • Cable TV

    All rooms have cable tv with 89 channels + HBO to choose from!

  • Outdoor Pool and Spa

    Always a must when staying away from home. Come and enjoy our outdoor pool. Sure to be relaxing for the adults and fun for the kids!

  • Free High Speed Wifi

    Keep connected while away. We have exceptional WIFI with blazzing fast speeds

  • Separate Sleeping Areas for Suites

    All our suites have separate sleeping areas to make your stay that much better.

  • Mini Fridge

    Mini fridge is provided in each room for your convenience

  • Laundry Facility

    We have laundry facility right at our hotel.

  • Spacious Room

    Largest rooms in town to add to your comfort

Rooms with Kitchenettes

Each room with a kitchenette includes a fridge and microwave